NativeScript & Vue.JS

  • Introduction

NativeScript with Vue.js

Vue.js is a lightweight, ‘progressive framework’ for building user interfaces. NativeScript integrates with Vue.js to offer a standard way for building cross-platform native mobile apps. If you have used Vue.js before you’ll feel right at home with NativeScript-Vue.

Get Started

The easiest place to learn NativeScript-Vue is with the interactive tutorials in NativeScript Playground, our browser-based NativeScript development environment.

Get Started with NativeScript-Vue

Extend your knowledge of NativeScript-Vue with this comprehensive workshop that dives deep into Vue.js concepts and helps you to build a complete app from beginning to end.

Try the NativeScript-Vue Workshop

When you need to take the next step, head to the NativeScript-Vue documentation hub for information on setting up a local environment, NativeScript-Vue UI components, and more.

Visit the NativeScript-Vue documentation

Join the NativeScript-Vue Community

The NativeScript Community Slack is a great place to chat with the NativeScript-Vue team and community. After joining, make sure to check out the #vue channel to connect with NativeScript-Vue users.

Join the NativeScript Community Slack